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“I must admit, I am very rarely impressed. But as the Wholesome team showed me the vast capabilities of the platform, I easily realized its potential in bringing my practice to a new level. I have done extensive research over the past year and even bought into other marketing and website 'experts' and they all told me what to do. Wholesome 1-up'ed them and told me HOW. The customer service, passion and experience behind Wholesome is unmet. I highly recommended Wholesome, you won't be disappointed." 

Dr. Esposito


“Wholesome has been a pleasure to work with! I am in the process of creating and using the Wholesome platform to kickstart my practice. They take out a lot of the hard work without compromising your own unique touch. It's not just a website- it's a whole marketing system behind ya! Thanks guys <3”
Dr. Hass


“I was lucky to get to try out Wholesome very early. Really great website building software that is catered exactly to ND needs. Wholesome has a lot of great services for our profession and I'm excited to launch my practice and start using it!”
Dr. Attar


“Wholesome is a killer triad of web design, marketing, and booking / finance management for Physicians. 

Working with Wholesome has been an absolute pleasure.  The website platform is set up in a way that is really easy to use.  Setting up my practice site on Wholesome’s platform took way less time to put together with a clean, organized interface than Wix or Squarespace.

On top of having a nice clean interface, Wholesome’s booking system is state of the art for Physicians!  

The potentials with using tags, client mailing lists, and a rewards system creates ease in marketing and a beautiful educational platform for patients that will not bombard patients with emails that do not pertain to them.

Seeing that I could schedule and pay for appointments directly on my website to conduct virtual consultations on my website itself was why I had reached out initially! And am so beyond thrilled to have stumbled across it <3 They are truly dedicated to helping NDs thrive with their software solution."
Dr. Cope


“Ever since I started using Wholesome my patients have been so happy with the automated newsletters that I’ve seen a direct increase in follow-up appointments scheduled as a result. I spend less time finding new patients than I do in seeing them, finally. Thank you Wholesome"
Dr. Hokayem

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