Focus on overall health, wellness and disease prevention.Wholesome helps you educate your patients with resources provided for you to brand and use as your own.


The Healing Power of Nature (Vis Medicatrix Naturae)

Trust in the body's inherent wisdom to heal itself.


Treat the Whole Person

View the body as an integrated whole in all its physical and spiritual dimensions. With telemedicine and file sharing, healing doesn't have to be just inside your office.


Identify and Treat the Causes (Tolle Causam)

Look beyond the symptoms to the underlying cause. With a dyanmic online intake form builder, find out what you need to know for your patients.


First Do No Harm (Primum Non Nocere)

Utilize the most natural, least invasive and least toxic therapies. Whether it's a program, supplement, or course you've created, Wholesome empowers you with integrated E-Commerce to sell the products you trust.


Doctor as Teacher (Docere)

Educate patients in the steps to achieving and maintaining health. Through Wholesome's integrated patient portals - HIPAA compliant messaging allow you to serve your patients best.

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